Ledr has a team of top-level, allowing it to offer any technical solution.

01 Industrial Engineering

Our technical team uses the latest technology tools such as computers work-stations and softwares 3D design of last generation.

Design and automation

Vending machines dispensing liquid and dry for the Food sector.
Facilities fluid general
Fluid processing facilities: paint, ink
Electrical and automation systems facilities (PLC,SCADA...)

Engineering management

Design of Integrated Service Maintenance on productions lines continuous.
Design Service Industrial Maintenance of general field.
Monitoring Systems Design of Industrial facilities.
Maintenance Management Systems for computer (GMO)

02 Maintenance



In addition to making significant design of machines and installations have a great team of professionals focused and dedicated to industrial maintenance.

Ledr has major contracts for the maintenance of global management in large companies in the industrial sector. It has sufficient flexibility to implement solutions that maintenance can be adjusted to companies regardless of size.

The maintenance team is qualified to ensure the repair of any equipment or machine, making quick and effective interventions to avoid incidents in the production process of theirs customers.

Collaborates with other major companies in the sector searching new solutions related to the maintenance.

03 Industrial Mounts

A professional team in the industrial assembly is available to our customers, whether products and systems developed by our technical team or supplied by the customer.

This manufacturing process is extremely important because the assemblage of elements of the high technology requires skilled and fully qualified staff to ensure any needs required.

The experience and professionalism of the staff of Ledr, which makes the actions in the industrial assembly is not limited merely to the assembly, but also study the optimal way to do this.

04 Post-Sale Service



Post-Sales service es very important in the policies of Ledr, which is aimed at customer satisfaction.

This "Value Added" of Ledr is reflected through a series of services that guarantee the quality and the backing of a leading brand.

Ledr guarantees its customers Post-Sales service of any project undertaken by our engineering.

Also makes available to its customers in a system of care "on line" for the resolution of incidents that require urgent attention.

This service is via our website by email, by sending an SMS or making a phone call to our service attention.

The Ledr's customer can access to a professional team with the quality and experience that only can be ensured by Ledr.

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04 	 Post-Sale Service
03 	 Industrial Mounts
02 	 Maintenance
01 	 Industrial Engineering



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