Ledr has extensive experience and knowledge of different sectors of the industrial field.


01 Food

It designs and makes machines and facilities completely hygienic for different uses within this important sector. 

Ledr is designing´s leader and manufacture of dispensing machines for the baking industry. We design and manufacture facilities and storage for oils, enzymes, yeast liquid ...

Ledr design and manufacture any type of plant or machine for the treatment of any fluid process.


02 Automotive

A broad knowledge of manufacturing processes of vehicles, makes Ledr a pioneer in this sector, which is considered a really partnership. Ledr has introduced a new trend in the management and treatment services in this important sector by applying the Global-Sourcing.

Ledr is a supplier in the automotive sector by offering its clients services of Engineering, Maintenance, driving and assembly facilities.


03 Metallurgy

The metallurgy industry has a remarkable significance in the national economy, aware of this situation LEDR bets on innovation, research and development of new products and solutions.

Ledr applies their knowledge in the area of maintenance of rolled big installations and to updating specific machinery to this sector.


04 Chemistry


Ledr bets for investment in innovation and research and development (R+D) as a key to improving competitiveness and profitability of the Chemical sector.

Ledr works at the level of engineering and maintenance of facilities with leading companies in the manufacturing sector of industrial paints.

Ledr has designed and manufactured the first plant for improving the performance of the manufacture of bi-fuel, based on the storage and injection of a controlled product in the fermentation process of the production.


05 Logistics

The logistics sector has grown from a simple warehouse to the whole Supply Chain and it is in this vision of the entire logistics chain where Ledr also has managed to integrate into the philosophy of a logistics operator offering integrated services, designing solutions in the maintenance of the warehouses in the same global vision.

The experience with the best logistics operators we endorse as the best solution on the market, to outsource the maintenance of any installation.


06 Own Workshop

Ledr produces 80% of the products developed in its Technical Office, in workshops located in the headquarters in Abrera endowed with all kinds of machines: lathes, brakes, bending, Orbital welding Tig, Mig Electrode.

The areas for the production and mechanized, are  ready to carry out the works from heavy mechanics even the most complex assemblages of electrical panels, as well as the programming of Automatons, area of manufacture of stainless steel.

One of the added values offered Ledr over its competitors is that it manages its own workshop to ensure the own production quality.

06 	 	Workshop
05 	 Logistics
04 	 Chemistry
03 	 Metallurgy
02 	 Automotive
01 	 Food

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