High technology solutions for the Industry sector


1. Industrial engineering

At LEDR we develop engineering projects for the improvement and installation of integrated systems of people, materials, information, equipment and energy. We draw on the specialized knowledge of our experience based on engineering and design analysis methods to specify, predict and evaluate the results obtained from such systems.

*Seat Martorell 2019 project

2. Process engineering

Process engineering is, in terms of management, the lifeblood of any project. That is why it groups together knowledge, knowledge, techniques and strategies from different fields and disciplines.

Among its main functions we can mention:

  • Process improvement
  • Supply management
  • Performance monitoring
  • Quality management
  • New projects development

3. Energy efficiency

At LEDR we develop energy efficiency projects, mainly aimed at reducing costs with the consumption of energy and water inputs, making suggestions for the technical and economic feasibility of the application, including technical specifications, project finance, equipment, materials , services and actual implementations, in addition to the management and handling of project results after the end of the interventions.

4. Electric engineering

We carry out different electrical engineering projects depending on the complexity of the electrical installation of this and the maximum installed power, it may be necessary an electrical project and a certificate of beginning and end of work that certifies the agreement of the project with the Electrical Installation.

We design different types of installations, panels or electrical systems for different industrial sectors.

5. Industrial maintenance

At LEDR, Industrial Maintenance is the constant control of the facilities and components, as well as the set of repair and revision works necessary to guarantee the regular operation and the good state of conservation of a system.
Usually it allows us a division more based on the methodical orientation or philosophy of the plans. Among them are the following:

  • Corrective maintenance.
  • Preventive Maintenance.
  • Predictive Maintenance.
  • Total productive maintenance.

Integral solutions in Industrial Maintenance tailored to your company, We ensure the correct operation of your business facilities.

6. Industrial assemblies

LEDR has in its own organization a group of professionals from different disciplines and degrees who have proven experience in the different fields related to the industry.

Likewise, for the materialization of the projects we have a large human team with a high technical and professional level as a result of the experience accumulated throughout the more than 25 years of experience of our company.

7. Post-sale Service

The post-sales service at LEDR is to continue offering customer service after the purchase and it is as fundamental as the other strategies we have implemented in the different services we offer.