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Our main customers in the automotive sector belong to both vehicle manufacturing companies, as well as manufacturers of parts or manufacturing processes, who trust in our experience in matters of safety, maintenance and engineering...

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LEDR, through its pharmaceutical sector, as well as in its comprehensive facility maintenance activity, develops a new service designed as a "Comprehensive Solution"...

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From LEDR we promote Prevention and safety in the chemical sector: maintenance companies have safety responsibilities, even more so in the chemical and process sector whose standards are very strict...

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LEDR's vision for the food sector is a Safe Maintenance.
In the food industry it is important to ensure both the environment and safe production...

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LEDR is a specialist in the application of protective paint to structural repairs, machinery support, roofs, platforms, even...

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The logistics services for maintenance, repair and operations focus on the auxiliary processes and products that support those internal operations that are not identified as part of the final product nor are they in the brand's own definition...

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Water treatment

From LEDR we ensure the adequate maintenance of the water treatment facilities, which involves the prior and correct implementation of the necessary actions to guarantee maximum...

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Air conditioning

It consists of cleaning and disinfecting air conditioning equipment with the application of various products such as bactericide and fungicide that serve to eliminate bad odors, fungi, bacteria, mites...

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